Wellington Summer Curtain Guide: Stay Cool and Beat the Heat

October 5, 2023
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With summer just around the corner in Wellington, it’s time to prepare your home for those scorching days and bright sunlight. Wellington’s unique climate calls for curtains that can adapt to both the heat and the cold. Custom-made curtains are your secret weapon in creating a comfortable and stylish space.


In this guide, we’ll explore different options for summer curtains in Wellington, including light-colored curtains, sheer curtains, blockout curtains, and insulating thermal curtains. Plus, we’ll show you how to mix and match these curtain options for the best results.


Embrace Light-Coloured Curtains

When the sun is beaming on your home, it’s essential to choose curtains that reflect rather than absorb heat. Light-coloured curtains are your best friend during the summer months. Lighter coloured curtains work like a shield, bouncing the sunlight away and keeping your rooms cooler. 

Tip: Remember to keep them closed during the hottest hours of the day to maximise their cooling effect.

Sheer Curtains for a Breezy Feel

For rooms that don’t receive too much direct sunlight, sheer curtains are the perfect choice. Sheers soften harsh light, creating a pleasant ambiance while allowing refreshing airflow. They are especially suitable for larger windows or doors that you want to keep open for that soothing summer breeze. Sheer curtains maintain the indoor/outdoor flow and infuse your space with brightness without any glare.


Blockout Curtains for Ultimate Sun Protection

In areas where direct sunlight is abundant, such as bedrooms or conservatories, consider investing in blockout curtains. These curtains live up to their name by blocking out the sun, thus keeping the heat at bay. While they may create a darker atmosphere, this can be advantageous in bedrooms, as it promotes a better night’s sleep by eliminating intrusive light.

Stay Cool with Insulating Thermal Curtains

We know what you’re thinking…thermal curtains are for winter – but did you know that  their insulating properties work wonders in the summer too!


By creating a barrier between your interior and the outside world, thermal curtains help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. This means a cooler room when the sun is blazing outside. Keep them closed during the day when you’re away, so you return to a refreshingly cool haven.  It’s a win-win. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter! 

Mix and Match for Ultimate Comfort

Why settle for just one type of curtain when you can have the best of both worlds? Consider dual curtains by combining sheer curtains with either thermal or blockout curtains. This versatile approach allows you to block out light and provide extra insulation when needed, all while enjoying natural light and better airflow when desired. It’s the ultimate curtain solution to keep your Wellington home comfortable and stylish throughout the summer.


As the Wellington summer approaches, make sure your home is ready to beat the heat and bask in the sun responsibly. Custom-made Wellington curtains offer you the flexibility to choose the perfect curtains for your space. Whether you opt for light-coloured curtains, sheer curtains, blockout curtains, or insulating thermal curtains, or even a combination of these, you can create an environment that’s cool, comfortable, and welcoming. 


The Creative Curtains team is here to make your curtain selection and installation process as convenient as possible.  Our team can pay a visit to your home, attentively listening to your preferences and taking accurate measurements for a seamless fit. Plus, if you act now, you can request a free quote today to receive your drapery in time for Christmas delivery.