Elevating Your Living Space with Custom Curtains

November 14, 2023
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Curtains in your living area are not just functional; they’re a canvas for artistic expression and style. Window coverings do more than block out the light and provide privacy; they have the power to enhance the aesthetics of your room. After all, your living room is the first space your guests encounter, and it deserves a touch of elegance.


Navigating the vast world of custom curtains and window coverings can be overwhelming, but with the right choice, you can transform your living room into a cozy haven. The key is to match your curtain style to the ambiance of your living space.


Traditional Elegance

If your living room exudes a more traditional vibe, consider opting for pinch pleat curtains. These classic beauties add a touch of sophistication that harmonises perfectly with timeless interiors.

Casual Comfort

For a more relaxed and frequently used living room, ring curtains might be your best bet. These curtains are easy to open and close with a single pull, offering both convenience and style.


Now, let’s dive into some curtain designs that can spark your imagination as you embark on your decorating journey for your Wellington home. 


Architectural Harmony

Before you start picking out fabrics and colours for your curtains, take a moment to consider your room’s existing architecture and furniture. You should consider if you’d like to maintain the current style or embark on a complete makeover. Creating a visual “style board” with images, colours, and fabrics that resonate with your taste can provide a roadmap for your room’s new look.

Space Illusion

Every room has its focal points, and windows are often at the center of attention. The length and height of your custom curtains can play tricks on the eye, making your room appear larger. Hang your curtains higher above the window frames and opt for longer drapes to create a sense of spaciousness, while shorter curtains can lend an informal, cozy atmosphere. To understand what is right for your space ensure you have your windows measured. At Creative Curtains we offer a free measure and quote to ensure we are able to recommend the best window coverings for your space. 

Light Control

When it comes to choosing curtains, it’s essential to consider how much light enters your living space through the windows. Window treatments can work in tandem with the window’s size, shape, and trim features to modify the way light enters a room. Bedrooms, for instance, may require thicker, lined fabrics to block out unwanted light, while living areas can benefit from lighter options that let in a warm, natural glow.


Colour Coordination

Curtains and drapes can set the stage for your room’s design by complementing the colour scheme of your walls, furniture, and other décor elements. Opt for curtain colours and textures that align with your room’s purpose and the existing colour palette, reducing visual clutter and creating a harmonious look.

Curtains and Blinds

Sometimes, it’s not a matter of curtains or blinds – it’s curtains and blinds. The combination of blinds and curtains can strike a perfect balance between light control and an airy, natural feel. This dynamic duo keeps you in the dark when needed while maintaining the room’s inviting ambiance.


The curtains you choose for your living space can transform the entire room, interacting with your furniture, colour palette, and lighting. If you find yourself confused with your window coverings, Creative Curtains offers in-house free measure and quote consultations to guide you in selecting the ideal window coverings for your Wellington home. Our team’s wealth of experience ensures that you receive top-quality products, installations, and unmatched support.

Elevate your living space with custom curtains from Creative Curtains, and watch your Wellington home undergo a stunning transformation.